A waterfront look view looking the ocean miles away from Ravenblack city. A manor stood upon a small mountain known to many as House of Wrath. Home to Venge Dracul and his family.
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 July 12, 1358

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Satavia Kazaarious


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PostSubject: July 12, 1358   Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:56 pm

Long past are the dreary days of winter and the beautiful days of spring. Sadly though, the summer days bring no relief or joy. This place, this Hell on Earth, is as barren and lifeless as it was in the days long since past. The cold days and ice cold nights have been replaced with hot humid days and nights that are completely unbearable.

The wailing of the other patients have ceased, with the exception of the newest subjects. They haven’t adjusted yet to the conditions here. The young ones, as I like to call them, haven’t gotten use to the torturous methods used on us here, though the old ones, most of which, have accepted their fates without so much as a second thought.

Silence. It’s deafening now when the young ones actually manage to keep their insistent yapping and whining to themselves. Too many of them cry at night, yell, and scream. It’s driving me insane, more so then what these putrid human creatures could understand. The next one I am forced to stay around I swear, I will rip his tongue out the back of his cranium before feeding it to him.

~ Patient 13

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July 12, 1358
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